Our Outreach Team

Rosamaria Barrientos

Community Engagement Coordinator

I was born and raised in Tlaxcala, Mexico’s smallest state that was once home to the ancient Olmeca–Xicalanca civilization. After graduating from the Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala with a degree in education I moved to San Diego. Shortly after I stared working in a restaurant, awakening indeed my passion for food and cooking.  After few years of working in the restaurant I decided to come together with my brothers and start Ortega’s Cocina, a Mexican Food Restaurant in the heart of OB,.

I feel fortunate to have been grown close to my grand parents and carry on their Mexican culinary tradition. From my father’s family, bakers for generations, I learned the art of making the best bread and most of all to eat it freshly baked every morning, it is delicious! From my mother’s family I learned to enjoy the delicious flavors of foods made with fresh ingredients, harvested on the same day. I still remember my grandmother grinding the cacao to make chocolate caliente for supper, and helping her put firewood in the tlecuitl while she made corn tortillas for lunch. I always ate the best and healthiest, now I know! Then, food was never grown with chemicals, pesticides or were genetically altered like most of the foods we now have. When I moved to the US I missed all these fresh foods for some time until I found People’s Co-op in OB, where I was again able to find good quality products. I want more families and communities to have access to clean and healthy foods like the ones I ate with my grandparents! That’s why I’m happy that SunCoast will be soon providing good quality foods for families in the south of San Diego and I’m excited an owner of this Co-op! 

My professional background is in Healthy Lifestyle, I have a bachelor degree in education and I am a certified nutrition consultant. I worked for the Multicultural Health Foundation Organization coaching people interested in preventing diabetes type 2. In my free time I love volunteering at Olivewood Gardens And Learning Center to deliver nutrition education to parents of National City and teach cooking to students and adults.

Yo Soy Kitchesinsta!

shannon ratliff

Outreach Manager

I was born and raised in the mid-west, the land of grocery co-ops! My husband, our two kids, our dog, and I moved from Denver to Imperial Beach several years ago and couldn’t be happier. We love the tight knit beach community and the happy and active vibe. Our favorite part has been how welcome we felt right away, by everyone we met but especially by the SunCoast Market family. My professional background is in healthy living and health promotion, I have a Masters degree in Health Psychology and am a certified aromatherapist. I am a strong advocate for less chemicals in our foods and products, and would love better access to local and organic foods for my family. That is why I joined SunCoast right away. I’m excited to help bring SunCoast Market to life because co-ops offer such a unique and community-focused shopping experience. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced in most stores. Imperial Beach is the perfect place for a locals focused store!