Healthy Cooking Classes

About our classes:

We are opening a 100% community-owned grocery store, owned by the people, not outside investors. It will serve as a local health hub, offering better access to fresh and locally grown foods. While we work towards opening day, we offer monthly events, including cooking classes, seminars, and workshops. The goal of these events is to provide health education to an underserved area and to increase the value around shopping locally and eating healthfully. We are always looking for excellent instructors!

How it works:

If you are passionate about a topic that would interest our community, we want to hear about it! Submit a simple proposal below, including:

  • a class title
  • description
  • estimated cost
  • brief bio 
  • any additional equipment needs

This information isn’t set in stone, but this gives us a starting point to work together. Have questions? Just include them in the proposal space.

You may choose to volunteer your time and talents, or get paid or request donations. Your proposal should include this information. 

When submitting an estimated cost, please keep in mind our mission to improve access to health programs to our low to middle income community. We value your time as well, so you may consider keeping your class simple with lower cost ingredients or supplies to keep the class cost down.

We calculate ticket costs by dividing the estimated cost you provide by the total number of seats in the space. $400 proposal with 20 seat capacity = $20 tickets. At this time, SunCoast does not intend to profit from these offerings.

We will discuss our space options with you after receiving your proposal. We have options from 20-40 attendees. Once we agree on a class, we will look at available times to book your class and start marketing!

What SunCoast Market can offer instructors:

  • A fun and eager audience
  • 20-40 guests
  • Supply ordering
  • Venue
  • Marketing support
  • Highlights in our social media and newsletter
  • A place on our website (COMING SOON)