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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I double check that I am in the local Imperial Beach Pick Up group?

If you have not registered on the Specialty Produce site, use this link. You must create an account with the Group name SunCoast and confirm your account in your email before you can place an order.

If you are already registered, go to the Farmer’s Market Box ordering page, log in then click “My Account” and check out the “Group Info” tab.  If you are in the Suncoast group, it’ll say so.  If not, enter the group code “Suncoast” and hit “Submit”.

How do I order a box?
  • After signing up for your account using Group code “Suncoast”, you must verify your account in your email. Then you order a box from the main Farmers’ Market Box page.
  • The deadline to order a box is Sunday at midnight to place an order for pickup the following Friday at the Imperial Beach Neighborhood Center (455 Palm Ave, Imperial Beach) between 9-11 a.m.
  • Please check your account to be sure that you are in the SunCoast group (check the “group” tab) otherwise your order will only be available to pick up at the warehouse.
  • You can place prepaid orders for up to 4 weeks in advance or you can order as needed.

You must have space in your trunk at pick up for your produce box. We will be maintaining proper physical distance of 6+ feet so you will open your trunk, a volunteer will place the items and close your trunk.

What is the cost?

It’s only $20 for the standard box of produce. Additional charges will apply to fish, cheese, bread and other add-ons.

What's in my box?

Local and sustainably sourced produce from over a dozen California farms each week. You can view the items from your account each week. You can also add items for an extra charge to your order from the add-on list.

Where can I learn more about the items in my box?

All of our Farmers’ Market produce has it’s own page on the Specialty Produce website specific to each farm! The weekly video will provide you with the names of the produce in the box, as well as the farm it was grown by. Please bear with us as our videos may be delayed during COVID-19. You will also find a weekly updated post with links to the each product pages on their website. Be sure to check out all the recipe links and restaurants that are currently using that item on their menu. Or for a more convenient and mobile way of researching produce, check out the Specialty Produce App!

What are the add-on items?

In the spirit of collaboration, we are working with a few local companies to bring you a wider range of foodstuffs that you can add to your FMB. Sustainably caught fish from Catalina Offshore Products, outstanding California Cheeses from Venissimo Cheese & many other local products will be available throughout the year.

How do I pay?

All purchases are pre-pay by credit card, through the Speciality Produce online ordering system.

Do I log in every week to order?

No! You can order up to 4 weeks at a time. The pricing of the products provided by our partners will change from week to week, and will be noted in their respective columns.

Can I opt out?

Yes! You control the frequency of your ordering, and can even cancel an order if you need to by managing your orders online. Please remember, the deadline to cancel with a full refund is Tuesday at midnight for the following Thursday. If you would like to talk to someone about changing your order after the deadline, please call Speciality Produce at 619-876-4086.

Is this something SunCoast will be providing until the store opens it's doors?

Due to the coronavirus and stay at home orders, SunCoast Market wants to do everything we can to provide fresh produce to our community. Specialty Produce offers an amazing weekly farmer’s market box that we will help distribute during this time. We will evaluate if this is a program we can continue long term based on it’s popularity and other delivery logistics once everyone returns back to their normal routines. Please give us feedback!

Is the Farmers Market Box organic?

No. We do not guarantee that all the produce in our Farmers Market Box is organic, although some of the farms we source from may be organically certified. We do guarantee that the produce in our Farmers Market Juicing Bag is certified organic and registered within our organics program.

How will I know what's in my box?

The Farmers’ Market program is a blind buy, filled with what farmers are able to harvest that week. On the Wednesday before pick up, Specialty Produce will upload a video and blog post the letting you know what will be in your box that week. You can sign up for text message and email alerts that will send you the link to these videos under your profile contact preferences or you can visit the @specialtyproduce_experience Instagram feed or our youtube feed at
For more information and recipes visit the Specialty Produce blog at

Can I donate money for people in need?

Yes. We are accepting money to donate boxes to those who are either unable to afford or access fresh produce. You can donate at this link. If someone would like to request a free box of produce, they only need to complete a request. Donating this way is NOT tax deductible. If you require a tax deductible donate, please message us.

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If you either cannot afford or cannot access fresh produce, we encourage you to submit a request below. When we have donated boxes available, we will contact you to arrange pick up.

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