SunCoast Market Co-op is a grassroots effort to open a community-owned, full-service cooperative grocery store in Imperial Beach, California. SunCoast is part of a resurgence in consumer food cooperatives across America that are strengthening local food systems, increasing access to healthy food for all residents, and providing needed retail outlets for small local farms and producers. To learn more about co-ops and how they are different, watch the video below and visit our What is a Co-op page.

What is SunCoast Market Co-op?


We envision a healthy community, with access to quality food in a vibrant and welcoming market, where anyone can be an owner and everyone can shop.


To provide a customer-owned food cooperative offering natural, local, and organic products at reasonable prices while supporting the local economy, providing food education, and advocating for environmentally sustainable practices.

How grocery co-ops are built:

The store is owned and controlled by community members, not outside investors. Since it is being built by regular people to serve its owners and the community, the co-op’s steps to opening day are based on the number of households who join and through fundraising efforts.

To join, households purchase owner shares for $200 (either paid in full or in $10 installments). For those with financial hardship, we offer a Membership Assistance Program to help cover some of the costs.

When sufficient funding is raised through owner shares, grants, and loans, a full-service grocery store will be opened.

You can support this amazing effort by becoming an owner today!

Why join today?

We need the voice of invested owners as we make important decisions before opening day. Owners have a say in the products, standards, and values held by the store, are eligible for owner discounts, and earn shopping rebates in profitable years.

Become an owner Membership Assistance Program FAQs

The timeline below is based on the advice and mentorship of national cooperative support organizations, other grocery co-ops, and paid consultants.