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I’m a 3rd generation Mexican-American born in So Cal and have lived in San Diego County since 1984. I come from a large, extended family with roots in East LA and I was the first in my family to go to college. Although my mom made the effort, we weren’t adventurous eaters growing up. In fact, when I got a job as a baker at my UCSC college coffee shop, I was embarrassed to find out after 2 weeks that I had been sautéing romaine lettuce for the quiches instead of spinach because I didn’t know the difference! I’m glad to share that I know the difference now and my husband and I have grown both in our garden. As an adult, I’ve learned to love a wide range of fruits and vegetables and have come to appreciate how much better they taste when they’re fresh and local. As a founding Board member of SunCoast, and current Board President, I’ve visited food co-ops across the country and love the direct connection co-ops provide between our food and the farmers that grow the food and am committed to creating a food co-op for the South Bay. I am active in several local organizations including the I.B. Chamber of Commerce, the I.B. Collaborative, and the LiveWell SD So. Region Leadership Team. I have a master’s degree in public administration from SDSU and was honored to be recognized as one of 50 distinguished alumni during SDSU’s School of Public Affairs 50th anniversary celebration. 

shannon ratliff


I was born and raised in the mid-west, the land of grocery co-ops! My husband, our two kids, our dog, and I moved from Denver to Imperial Beach several years ago and couldn’t be happier. We love the tight knit beach community and the happy and active vibe. Our favorite part has been how welcome we felt right away by everyone we met, but especially by the SunCoast Market family (that was still just beginning at the time). My professional background is in healthy living and health promotion, I have a Masters degree in Health Psychology and am a certified aromatherapist. I am a strong advocate for less chemicals in our foods and products, and would love better access to local and organically grown foods for my family. I grew up around a variety of foods. One side of my family grew most of their food on a several acre farm while living on a tight budget. The other were Hungarian immigrants, of which I am first generation. I was raised with homemade, home-grown, self-preserved foods and appreciate all that is required for that privilege. I’m excited to help bring SunCoast Market to life because co-ops offer such a unique and community-focused shopping experience and bring the ingredients that a diverse community needs to prepare their favorite meals. Imperial Beach is the perfect place for a cooperative store!

shirley soth


I lived in Alaska most of my life. Went to high school, got married and completed 20 years in the Postal Service. When the kids graduated from high school, we left Alaska and traveled. We bought a place in Imperial Beach in 2010. I didn’t know anyone except the people I worked out with. One of those being Anna Kirsner. She mentioned working with a group of mothers wanting to provide better nutrition for their families. I thought it was a great meaningful project, a way to meet people in the community, and a better grocery store was direly needed in Imperial Beach. So I joined the group and have been working to get a co-op in Imperial Beach for the past 3 years. I’ve been using my extensive bookkeeping experience for SunCoast Market.

Brooke Truesdale


My family has called the wonderful community of Imperial Beach home for the last 5 years. On a typical day you can find us exploring Seacoast, enjoying the local restaurants, or walking in the estuary. I have spent the last decade working in major gift fundraising at institutions such as UC San Diego, Sharp HealthCare Foundation, the San Diego Zoo, and Reef Check Foundation. I am passionate about wildlife, the environment, sustainability and human rights. I became a member of SunCoast after attending an event and learning more about what this will bring to the community. I joined the finance committee, the outreach committee, and the steering committee before volunteering for the role of Fundraising Chair. I am endlessly impressed with the knowledge, tenacity, and determination of the members of the board and I find myself leaving each meeting feeling inspired and grateful to be part of this group.

Michael shank

I am a newly retired Federal Employee with a total of 47 years experience in federal agency Human Resources, Analysis, Risk Management, Quality Management, Postal Operations, and Administration. In the 1970s I worked part time for 6 months for a Coop Restaurant, and on weekends for a couple years for a tiny local Food Coop doing pickup, delivery and stocking. For many years from 1971 through the 1980s I was a customer of various Natural Food Coops and have a good knowledge of nutrition and basic alternative medicine. I support Coops over for profit stores because they are more customer focused and collaborative. I have lived in the local community since 1987 and see a good future for it.

Anna kirsner

I was born and raised in Joliet, Il. I moved to San Diego in 1996 where I met my husband. Together we are raising our twin boys in Imperial Beach. I have spent 25+ years in the restaurant business, including 6 years of ownership. My goal as a restauranteur was to provide wholesome, scratch made and delicious food to the community of Imperial Beach. We had great success however the demand of being a mom became more important. My career and experience has provided me: excellent costumer service, knowledge of food quality, food waste and food safety, employee management, inventory management, strong decision making, product branding, marketing, confidence, and leadership. My passion for quality food led me to join the SunCoast team in it’s earliest stage. I am very excited to see SunCoast become what it is now and I can not wait to walk in it’s doors to do my grocery shopping.

Robyn Abadie

I moved to I.B. in 1999 from National City and I started working at YMCA Camp Surf in 2000. I was the food service director and in charge of serving healthy meals to 300 children per day. While I was director we implemented green policies such as eliminating paper products switching over to reusable coffee mugs, cloth napkins and we began composting. I volunteer and fundraise for multiple nonprofit organizations such as the Teen Challenge and Borderview YMCA and am in the Sheriff’s Senior Patrol. I’m also a community chaplain at the Rock Church. My vision is for us to get open and to see other co-ops open in the San Diego area. Also to educate people why we need co-ops and why we need to eat healthy food.

beverly florence

I moved to Imperial Beach in 2015. I immediately knew I had happened into a Hidden Gem, not having any real prior knowledge of IB. I just knew I found my perfect condo by the Sea. Come to find out I have found so much more. I immediately wanted to be involved with SunCoast Market as soon as I found out about them. Working with SunCoast Market, my connection to this community continues to grow. 

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, and after completing a career of 29 years with a Major airline living in the Southwest high desert, destiny would have it that my next chapter would be by the ocean living a healthy active lifestyle, while working to get Imperial Beach’s first community owned local healthy grocery store.

Peggy Keating

We have been coming to visit my in-laws home in IB for 20 years and decided to move here 2 years ago, leaving the North County suburbs behind and never looking back. IB is home now. I grew up in Upper Michigan, have been married to John for 37 years and we have raised 4 great sons. I am a retired RN and enjoy the peaceful, small town life that IB offers. John and I enjoy bike riding, hiking and traveling together. I have been in a book club and a bible study group for many, many years and love that time with long time friends. We look forward to being grandparents….hopefully in the not too distant future! When I envision SunCoast Market, I see a local market where we are able to make a difference in the community by offering healthy food, education, and making it easy for people to eat well, within their budgets. We will create an atmosphere of community pride and a hometown feel where all will be welcome.

Ramon Chairez

Latine Community Engagement Coordinator

I was born and raised near East Los Angeles, up until our family moved to San Ysidro when I was 14. My brothers and I were bussed to Mar Vista High School, where I played basketball, got in my fair share of trouble, and navigated growing up near the border, with all its allure and pitfalls. After working as a waiter and bartender to put myself through a university education and a graduate degree, I eventually made my way back to the South Bay. I am passionate about working with diverse communities, particularly in the areas of education, food justice, and community building. Nonetheless, the emergence of a resident led, community-owned movement to open a cooperative grocery market in Imperial Beach, was something none of us, myself and founding board members included, could have envisioned ten years ago. And yet, here we are, on the verge of doing what may have seemed unimaginable, yet was very possible. That cliche, it takes a village… Yes! It has taken a village. And it will take more to not just open our doors, but also be a pillar in our community for generations to come! We need YOU as part of this local, grassroots movement to have a say and some control over one aspect of the food system. Come join us, and be a part of building our grocery store. You will not regret it!

Ramon Chairez is re-joining the board as an appointed board member and will be on the ballot for election Spring 2023.

about the board of directors:

SunCoast Market Co-op is executively managed by an elected Board of Directors. The primary responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to provide overall direction and ensure the long-range security and viability of the Co-op, and to develop policies necessary to carry out the duties of the board and the functions of the cooperative! The directors are elected from and by our owner-members. Each year there are at least 3 board seats open for election.