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Congratulations on deciding to own a grocery store! We can build an amazing store for our community because of your support. Please complete this application and payment and then you can officially call yourself the owner of a grocery store! *If you would like to purchase an ownership as a gift, please visit Our Shop and select the eGift Card option. The recipient will come back to complete their online application.

Owner Information

Address Line 1
State or Region

You have an option to pay for someone's ownership. In order to track it, we need the gift givers name.

Payment Information

If you choose check or cash or a payment plan, you will be directed to a payment information page after submission and will receive an email with instructions for how to pay.
For each $200 share electronic payment, we pay a $7 processing fee. You can choose to pay this fee, or opt out. Our $10 a month plan will include a $17 service fee.

Payment plan is $10.85 a month as it will include a service fee. There will be 20 payments. There are no refunds.

This is an optional choice. You may choose to purchase additional shares to support the store financially. You will not receive additional votes or dividends/returns. Max of 8 extra shares allowed.

Owner Agreements

Other Helpful Information

We have options from simple to committed!

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You can pay in full with: --PayPal --Credit or Debit Cards (select Stripe or Paypal) --Cash (select Offline) --Check (select Offline) If using our Payment Plan, select Offline OR --If it was a gift, select Offline *For Offline payments, you will be directed to a detailed payment information page after you submit your application. If it was a gift, no further action is required after submission.