How do I become an Owner?

Ownership is open to anyone living in California. You just need to complete a brief application, read the owner disclosure statement and submit payment online or by check. The one-time share cost is $200 per household with no annual fees. We also offer a payment plan for those who need to spread the share cost out over time.

Become an Owner
Why should I become an Owner?

Are you tired of driving out of town for groceries? Do you want to support local farms and local small businesses? Do you want a neighborhood grocery store with a great selection of fresh, natural, organic, specialty and sustainably-grown products? Do you want to shop in a store with friendly, knowledgeable staff? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should become a SunCoast owner!

We need you, your neighbors, your customers and your friends to join SunCoast today. The sooner we can demonstrate local commitment through community ownership, the sooner we can seek needed grants and loans, and the sooner the store will open! When the store opens, anyone can shop at the store, but only owners will be eligible to vote, receive owner-only discounts, and earn dividends in profitable years.

Why do we need a food co-op?

1. Improve access to healthy, wholesome food

2. Keep food dollars local
From market data and our own survey, we know that thousands of residents in Imperial Beach and surrounding communities are doing some, or all, of their shopping at grocery stores — such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Sprouts — that are miles away from their homes. In our survey of over 400 residents, 77% said they buy most of their food outside of their neighborhood.

3. Provide a store that offers food and products tailored to local needs and preferences

4. Support local farms, producers and small businesses

5. Strengthen our community and local control of our food system

Won’t the food be expensive?

SunCoast plans to offer quality food at reasonable prices. In addition, like many co-ops, we plan to have a Healthy Staples program that will offer a variety of commonly used foods at, or near, cost to make each shopping trip as affordable as possible. Although some of the wholesome and healthy food sold at the co-op may cost a little more than highly processed or factory-farmed food, those costs can be offset by better health and fewer miles driven to shop out-of-town.

When & where will the store be opening?

The opening date depends on how quickly we sign up owners. The preliminary timeline below shows some of the steps needed to identify a location and open the store. At 250 owners, the market assessment will help determine the best size for the store and possible locations; at 300 owners, we will conduct a feasibility study and develop the business plan; at 500 owners, we will begin site selection; at 600 owners, we will launch an owner loan campaign; at 700 owners, we will begin the search for a general manager; at 800 owners, we will secure a location; and around 1000 owners, we will open the store!

How can I help?

The effort to build SunCoast is “by the people, for the people” and we need lots of people power to open a community-owned store. In addition to becoming an owner, there are many ways to get involved. We need help with community outreach, communications, fundraising, planning, committees, events, house parties and more. If you would like to help, please contact us at or (619) 869-7040.