Board elections - Spring 2021

SunCoast Market Co-op is executively managed by an elected Board of Directors. The primary responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to provide overall direction and ensure the long-range security and viability of the Co-op, and to develop policies necessary to carry out the duties of the board and the functions of the cooperative! The directors are elected by our owner-members. Each year there are at least 3 board seats open for election. Current election voting opens April 10 and ends April 30.

The terms of election are as follows:

  • Board Directors will be elected for three-year terms.
  • Three board seats will be elected each year.
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Meet the Candidates

Beverly Florence
Current Board Director

I am a native Californian. I retired from American Airlines after 29 years and in that time I had lived in the Southwest. As destiny would have it I came back to California and landed in Imperial Beach. When I found out about Suncoast Market I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it, and the movement and cultural shift toward healthier living. I knew having a Natural Food Grocery Store Co-op would definitely take us down that path and it has. After becoming an owner and serving on the Board of Directors and working with like minded people I knew I made the right decision. I am even more passionate and excited about Suncoast Market and Imperial Beach and I would be honored to be able to serve another term.

Why would you like to serve as a board director?

I would like to continue to serve as a Director with Suncoast Market because I have worked side by side with co-owners and Board Directors that believe in the Mission and Vision of the Co-op, and without whom we would not of come this far. I believe a Natural Food Grocery Store is a must and deserving of all of us in the Imperial Beach community and neighboring cities. I am passionate about what Suncoast Market Co-op represents, it is so much more than just a grocery store.

What is your vision for SunCoast Market Co-op?

I envision Suncoast Market as a community hub. It’s very existence being for the greater good of all on many different levels, i.e. healthy food options, supporting local farmers and small businesses, education, creating jobs for locals and more.

What 3 strengths can you bring to the board?

My passion in working towards healthier living for all, the ability to work as a team, and achieving goals

What are 3 suggestions for SunCoast Market in the next year?

I would like to see Suncoast dive deep into the communities to ensure they know they are a part of this and they matter and we need them. I would like to continue to offer more ways and opportunities for the community to get involved.


Anna Kirsner
Current Board Director

I was born and raised in Joliet, Il. I moved to San Diego in 1996 where I met my husband. Together we are raising our twin boys in Imperial Beach. I have spent 25+ years in the restaurant business, including 6 years of ownership. My goal as a restauranteur was to provide wholesome, scratch made and delicious food to the community of Imperial Beach. We had great success however the demand of being a mom became more important. My career and experience has provided me: excellent costumer service, knowledge of food quality, food waste and food safety, employee management, inventory management, strong decision making, product branding, marketing, confidence, and leadership. My passion for quality food led me to join the SunCoast team in it’s earliest stage. I am very excited to see SunCoast become what it is now and I can not wait to walk in it’s doors to do my grocery shopping.

Why would you like to serve as a board director?

I am determined to see SunCoast Market become a reality, I have been involved since the beginning and because of that I have extensive knowledge of our journey, I have experience in owning and operating a business.

What is your vision for SunCoast Market Co-op?

On my regular shopping visits I see a thriving, authentic and genuine store, full of happy people and all my grocery needs are met.

What 3 strengths can you bring to the board?

Small business experience, great knowledge of SunCoast’s journey and continuous education of the the grocery coop business model.

What are 3 suggestions for SunCoast Market in the next year?

Continued involvement in our community, continued education of our board members, and reaching out and employing experienced consultants to help us be the most successful.


Brooke Truesdale
Fundraising Committee Chair

My family has called the wonderful community of Imperial Beach home for the last 5 years. On a typical day you can find us exploring Seacoast, enjoying the local restaurants, or walking in the estuary. I have spent the last decade working in major gift fundraising at institutions such as UC San Diego, Sharp HealthCare Foundation, the San Diego Zoo, and Reef Check Foundation. I am passionate about wildlife, the environment, sustainability and human rights. I became a member of SunCoast after attending an event and learning more about what this will bring to the community. I joined the finance committee, the outreach committee, and the steering committee before volunteering for the role of Fundraising Chair. I am endlessly impressed with the knowledge, tenacity, and determination of the members of the board and I find myself leaving each meeting feeling inspired and grateful to be part of this group.

Why would you like to serve as a board director?

I would like to join the board to 1. deepen my involvement 2. help make the store a reality 3. promote and amplify the role of co-ops in their communities

What is your vision for SunCoast Market Co-op?

My vision for SunCoast Market is a place where the community can find everything they need to nourish their families, with less waste and more sustainable practices and packaging.

What 3 strengths can you bring to the board?

Fundraising expertise, passion for the mission, donor relations expertise.

What are 3 suggestions for SunCoast Market in the next year?

My suggestions for growth for SunCoast Market would be expanding our reach into our neighboring communities, translating our materials into more languages, and continuing to authentically serve the community as opportunities present.


About our Board Elections

Eligibility and Expectations

Per our Bylaws, a nomination committee will develop the process and materials for each election. Eligibility:

  • Member of a household or business/organization that has been a SunCoast owner-member for at least six months prior to date that voting opens
  • Only one individual per ownership is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors at a time
  • Eighteen years of age or older
  • Must be able to use email and Internet for Board communications
  • Is committed to a 3 year term

Below are the expectations for anyone running for a board position:

  • Candidates must understand the requirements for a Board of Directors position. Once elected, the Board will also elect it’s officers, including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Position descriptions are available in the Candidate Packet.
  • Candidates must agree to and sign the Code of Conduct provided in the Candidate Packet.
  • Each candidate is expected to complete the application, including a short personal statement and photo that will be posted on this website for owner-members to view when voting. 
  • Candidates may receive a call from the nomination committee to discuss their candidacy.
  • Each candidate is expected to attend at least 1 board meeting prior to election.
Read our bylaws View director description View Officer Description View Code of Conduct

Think you’d be a valuable addition to the board? Consider running for a seat in next year’s election!

Application Process:

  1. Download candidate packet below
  2. Review all materials
  3. Complete and submit application
  4. Attend a board meeting
  5. Complete a new candidate welcome call with the Elections Team
  6. While you wait for the next election, consider joining a committee or attend our monthly board meetings. 
Download Candidate Packet Complete Your Application


All owner-members were sent an email newsletter (at their email address on file) announcing elections. Voting is available by mail, and online. Please note: if you unsubscribed from our mailing list, we are unable to email you a newsletter. You must re-subscribe here.

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