Board elections - Spring 2023

SunCoast Market Co-op is executively managed by an elected Board of Directors. The primary responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to provide overall direction and ensure the long-range security and viability of the Co-op, and to develop policies necessary to carry out the duties of the board and the functions of the cooperative! The directors are elected from and by our owner-members. Each year there are at least 3 board seats open for election. Applications from interested candidates are due by April 28, 2023. Current election voting opens May 13 and ends June 3.

The terms of election are as follows:

  • Board Directors will be elected for three-year terms.
  • Three board seats will be up for election each year.
  • When a seat is vacant, additional board seats may be up for election.
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2023 Candidates

Robyn Lanatte Owner #6

Hi I’ve been here from the beginning because I wanted to have healthy food that I didn’t have to go so far from home to get. I was the Food Service Director at Camp Surf, I left in 2012. I was so used to feeding the kids healthy food but we got it from vendors. I feel that everyone, children and adults, have the right to have good food. So I am working with the Board to give our community what they need for everyone in San Diego, we have worked so hard to get the word out even our wonderful Farmers Market and working with the City of Imperial Beach, it has been wonderful for me over the years I’ve been doing this. I have learned so much. I’ll keep working hard for our community thank you so much.

I can help with my knowledge of food. I can volunteer where ever you need me. I love people and our community.

I’ve been on the Board since the beginning.

Peggy Keating Owner #114

We had been coming to visit my in-laws home in IB for well over 20 years and decided to move here 6 years ago, leaving the San Diego North County suburbs behind and never looking back. IB is home now. I grew up in Upper Michigan, have been married to John for 40 years and we have raised 4 great sons. I am a retired RN and enjoy the peaceful, small town life that IB offers. John (also retired) and I enjoy bike riding, hiking and traveling together. We look forward to being grandparents….hopefully in the not too distant future! When I envision SunCoast Market, I see a local market where we are able to make a difference in the community by offering healthy food, education, and making it easy for people to eat well, within their budgets. We will create an atmosphere of community pride and a hometown feel where all will be welcome.
I am currently a member of the Board of Directors of SunCoast Market and would like to see our project through to the opening of our store. I rarely start something that I do not finish! Being part of the core group who has worked hard towards getting the store open, I want to be involved in this project until we hand it over to our General Manager. I have worked hard in my position as Volunteer Coordinator, have established many relationships with community volunteers, and would like to continue that work to build a strong volunteer core and foundation.
I have held many volunteer board positions thru the years, none more important than my current role on the SunCoast board.
Michael Shank Owner #180
I am a newly retired Federal Employee with a total of 47 years experience in federal agency Human Resources, Analysis, Risk Management, Quality Management, Postal Operations, and Administration. In the 1970s I worked part time for 6 months for a Coop Restaurant, and on weekends for a couple years for a tiny local Food Coop doing pickup, delivery and stocking. For many years from 197I through the 1980s I was a customer of various Natural Food Coops and have a good knowledge of nutrition and basic alternative medicine. I support Coops over for profit stores because they are more customer focused and collaborative. I have lived in the local community since 1987 and see a good future for it.
I became a member early on because I believe in Coops and as a Director want to understand how to get even better. I think my experience could help lead to growth and more community interest and ensure a smooth transition at the end of terms. I also would like to help the Coop keep focus on satisfying customer demand niches where it makes sense.
I have served on various Management Boards related to Human Resources and Regional Coordination between bases. I also Chaired Committees related to Human Resources and Diversity Issues
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About our Board Elections

Eligibility and Expectations

Per our Bylaws, a nomination committee will develop the process and materials for each election. Eligibility:

  • Member of a household or business/organization that has been a SunCoast owner-member for at least six months prior to date that voting opens
  • Only one individual per ownership is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors at a time
  • Eighteen years of age or older
  • Must be able to use email, Internet, and basic technologies for Board communications
  • Is committed to a 3 year term

Below are the expectations for anyone running for a board position:

  • Please be aware that this is a very busy season for SunCoast. We are a working board (meaning we act as both staff and directors) so you should be prepared to dedicate an average of 5 hours per week or more to attend meetings, participate in committee work or special projects, and attend trainings. There are also urgent tasks that require prompt response times.
  • Candidates must understand the requirements for a Board of Directors position. Once elected, the Board will also elect officers, including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Position descriptions are available in the Candidate Packet.
  • Candidates must agree to and sign the Code of Conduct provided in the Candidate Packet.
  • Each candidate is expected to complete the application, including a short personal statement and photo that will be posted on this website for owner-members to view when voting.
  • Candidates may receive a call from the nomination committee to discuss their candidacy.
  • Each candidate is expected to attend at least 1 board meeting prior to election.
Read our bylaws View director description View Officer Description View Code of Conduct

Think you’d be a valuable addition to the board? Consider running for a seat in the election!

Application Process:

  1. Download candidate packet below
  2. Review all materials
  3. Complete and submit application
  4. Attend a board meeting
  5. Complete an introductory call with the Elections Nomination Committee
  6. An interview may be requested

Interested in being more involved but not in a board position? Consider joining a committee and attend our monthly board meetings.

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