Board elections - Spring 2022

SunCoast Market Co-op is executively managed by an elected Board of Directors. The primary responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to provide overall direction and ensure the long-range security and viability of the Co-op, and to develop policies necessary to carry out the duties of the board and the functions of the cooperative! The directors are elected from and by our owner-members. Each year there are at least 3 board seats open for election. Applications from interested candidates are due by March 11, 2022. Current election voting opens April 1 and ends April 22.

The terms of election are as follows:

  • Board Directors will be elected for three-year terms.
  • Three board seats will be up for election each year.
  • When a seat is vacant, additional board seats may be up for election.
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Kim Rivero Frink, Board President

I am retired from the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency where I enjoyed a 17-year career working in programs that promote the health and well-being of children and families. After retiring from the County, I also worked as a grant writer for a local nonprofit. I am a native Californian, have lived in San Diego County since 1984, and moved to Imperial Beach in 2012. I feel extremely lucky to live in Imperial Beach – it’s a great place to live filled with wonderful people. I volunteer much of my time to promoting health, community engagement, and opportunity for Imperial Beach residents. In addition to serving as the current Board President for SunCoast Market Co-op, I am active in the I.B. Collaborative, I.B. Chamber of Commerce, and the Live Well San Diego South Region Leadership Team. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UC Santa Cruz and a master’s in public administration from San Diego State University (SDSU). In 2018, I was honored to be recognized as one of 50 distinguished alumni during SDSU’s School of Public Affairs 50th anniversary celebration.

Why would you like to join the SunCoast Market Board of Directors? Please provide 3 reasons. 
I would like to continue to serve on the Board of Directors because: 1) I believe wholeheartedly in our mission and am excited about creating a truly great store for I.B. and surrounding communities; 2) I have visited many food co-ops across the country and know that a co-op will be a great asset to our region by not only increasing access to fresh, local & healthy food, but also by supporting local farms & businesses, providing education, building resident leadership, and supporting environmentally sustainable practices; 3) We are approaching the finish line and I want to continue to build the community and financial support we need so that we can soon celebrate opening day!
Do you have prior Board experience? 
Yes, I have served on the SunCoast Board since we incorporated in June 2016, am currently serving as Board President, and have been involved with SunCoast since the first community meeting held at City Hall in December 2015. I was also a Board member at my son’s preschool and served multiple terms as Secretary and President of the San Diego Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration, a professional organization dedicated to excellence in public service.
What is your vision for SunCoast Market? 
My vision is that our community creates a grocery store that puts people before profits — a store that cares about people’s health, the well-being of the community, and the health of the planet. My vision is a store that is a community hub for good people and good food. A place where neighbors greet neighbors and people can feel good about the food and products that they are buying for themselves and their families. My vision is that we will be so successful that we will be able to serve as a model and mentor for other underserved communities that could benefit from a food co-op in their neighborhoods.
What 3 strengths would you bring to this Board? 
1) Because of my many years in health and human service programs, I can connect the co-op to valuable resources and strategic partners to support our development and success; 2) I am enthusiastic and hard working and am willing to dedicate significant time each month to co-op development; 3) I have 30+ years of experience in coordinating the development of new initiatives and grant writing.
What are 3 suggestions for growth that SunCoast Market could implement in the next year? 
1) I think we should research the costs and benefits of paid advertising particularly social media 2) We need to keep exploring ways to broaden the diversity of our ownership and leadership. I also would love to see our member-owners and supporters become even more engaged in advocating for and growing support for this project among the community, elected officials and potential donors. This is a store that’s by the people, for the people and we need that people power to make it happen! 3) We need to find ways to connect with potential major donors to get their support in creating this amazing asset that will benefit the whole community.

Shannon ratliff, board vice president

I was born and raised in the mid-west, the land of grocery co-ops! My husband, our two kids, and our dogs all love this tight knit beach community and the happy and active vibe. My professional background is in healthy living and health promotion, I have a Masters degree in Health Psychology and am a certified aromatherapist. I am a strong advocate for less chemicals in our foods and products, and would love better access to local and organic foods for my family. That is why I joined SunCoast right away. I’m excited to help bring SunCoast Market to life because co-ops offer such a unique and community-focused shopping experience. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced in most stores. Imperial Beach is the perfect place for a locals focused store!

Why would you like to join the SunCoast Market Board of Directors? 
1. I would like to continue on the Board to provide ongoing leadership and continuity during the next stage to opening our doors.
2. I would like to provide leadership and continuity as we open and transition to managing our General Manager and monitoring the store financials the initial years after opening.
3. I feel that the knowledge and experience of being involved in the process until this point is essential in keeping us on track and moving forward through the critical stages to come.

Do you have prior Board experience? Experience is not necessary to run for the Board of Directors. 
Yes, as Vice President for SunCoast Market and a board member with the Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation. 
What is your vision for SunCoast Market? 
In addition to our formal store vision, I envision a store that is a community hub that we are all proud of because we created it for ourselves. A store where we can get everything we need, support local businesses, buy specialty items, and give back to the community in meaningful ways. I am excited to shop at a store that is mindful in it’s purchasing practices and that fosters the growth of local entrepreneurs and farmers. I am honored to have been a part of a store that was able to care for so many during the challenges of the past two years and think SunCoast Market will continue to be invaluable in serving our community for decades to come.

What 3 strengths would you bring to this Board? 
1. I have strong knowledge and experience with the cooperative model
2. After 6 years of leadership, volunteering and attending multiple trainings, I have strong knowledge of the steps to opening our store and the critical eye to make sure we make the right choices along the way. 3. I have the communication and marketing skills to help us get the word out and get people excited about the store opening…and soon, shopping there!
What are 3 suggestions for growth that SunCoast Market could implement in the next year?
1. We need to engage all of our owners around the store location, critical store decisions, and prepare everyone to shop at SunCoast Market. Although co-ops are grocery stores, they are also unique in their layout, offerings, and pricing. We have a lot to do in preparation for opening day, including working with our General Manager on a rock solid marketing and branding strategy.
2. We need to offer education to the community about how our items will be different (I think pop up farmers markets are one great way to do this) along with ongoing community events that highlight items we plan to sell. We want everyone to be excited to buy groceries and spend time at SunCoast Market!
3. We need to continue to make meaningful connections for fundraising, our $3 million or more goal is hefty but it’s within reach.
Shirley Soth, Board Treasurer
When I first moved to Imperial Beach, I didn’t know anyone. I met Anna Kirsner at the gym who told me about a group of mothers wanting to provide better nutritional options for their families.  They were going to open a food co-op.  I thought, “what a great way to get involved in the community and it was a meaningful project”.  I joined the group in 2016, became the Board Treasurer in 2019 and have been working to get a co-op opened in Imperial Beach ever since.  It has been fun educating the community what a co-op is and what it can do for the community. I feel Imperial Beach is a great fit for this type of grocery store.  I’ve since became involved in different food distribution organizations to provide food to those in need.  I feel very fortunate to be able to help the community I live in.  The co-op will be another way to provide food to the community in need of fresh, nutritional, local and clean conventional food.  
Why would you like to join the SunCoast Market Board of Directors? Please provide 3 reasons. 
I which to remain on the Board to continue working towards getting the co-op opened. I am already aware of where the Board is in getting opened. I have lots of energy and time.
Do you have prior Board experience? 
I am a current Board member and have been since 2019
What is your vision for SunCoast Market? 
To get it’s doors opened as soon as possible
What 3 strengths would you bring to this Board?
Knowledge, enthusiasm and reliability
What are 3 suggestions for growth that SunCoast Market could implement in the next year? 
Marketing, fund raising & new website
Jarrod Groves, owner
I am a recently retired Naval Officer, and now work as a Data Science Program Manager. My family and I have have been active in the local community with Wild Willow Farm / San Diego Roots Organization for the past 5 years. We have been long supporters of Suncoast and are available sustainable gardeners.
Why would you like to join the SunCoast Market Board of Directors? Please provide 3 reasons. 
1) To support and serve my local community, 2) provide my leadership and skills where needed, and 3) Be apart of great organization

Do you have prior Board experience? Experience is not necessary to run for the Board of Directors. 
Yes. San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project, President
What is your vision for SunCoast Market? 
To bring the Market to the local IB community and do so sustainably and fiscally reasonably.
What 3 strengths would you bring to this Board?
Leadership, Management and Analysis of diverse topics and data sets
What are 3 suggestions for growth that SunCoast Market could implement in the next year? 
Announce the location of the market, connect with the local Military Base (Silver Strand Complex) and Military Housing (Silver Strand & NAB) and connect with local YMCA(s)

About our Board Elections

Eligibility and Expectations

Per our Bylaws, a nomination committee will develop the process and materials for each election. Eligibility:

  • Member of a household or business/organization that has been a SunCoast owner-member for at least six months prior to date that voting opens
  • Only one individual per ownership is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors at a time
  • Eighteen years of age or older
  • Must be able to use email, Internet, and basic technologies for Board communications
  • Is committed to a 3 year term

Below are the expectations for anyone running for a board position:

  • Candidates must understand the requirements for a Board of Directors position. Once elected, the Board will also elect officers, including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Position descriptions are available in the Candidate Packet.
  • Candidates must agree to and sign the Code of Conduct provided in the Candidate Packet.
  • Each candidate is expected to complete the application, including a short personal statement and photo that will be posted on this website for owner-members to view when voting.
  • Candidates may receive a call from the nomination committee to discuss their candidacy.
  • Each candidate is expected to attend at least 1 board meeting prior to election.
Read our bylaws View director description View Officer Description View Code of Conduct

Think you’d be a valuable addition to the board? Consider running for a seat in the election!

Application Process:

  1. Download candidate packet below
  2. Review all materials
  3. Complete and submit application
  4. Attend a board meeting
  5. Complete an introductory call with the Elections Nomination Committee
  6. An interview may be requested

Interested in being more involved but not in a board position? Consider joining a committee and attend our monthly board meetings.

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